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FW: {satyapravah} FW: Real Problem is Infiltration of Muslims from Bangla Desh- Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President, VHP

Real Problem is Infiltration of Muslims from Bangla Desh

Govts Diverting attention

-          Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President, VHP

Date-21-08-2012, Delhi

1.      For the last around one month, Assam is burning. The heat has reached all states in Bharat. In Assam & in Bharat around 5,00,000 North Eastern Indians are displaced – Some in violence in Assam & some in other states in mass exodus. These original Tribes of North East including Assam / Hindus & non-Muslims are victims. Instead of addressing & sorting out the real issue that is Muslim Infiltration from Bangla Desh, govts are distracting global & national attention to how Pakistan sent fake MMS, spreading rumors etc. Displacement of 5,00,000 North Easterners is yet a tip of the ice berg. The severity of the Muslim Infiltration in North East is a risk to Bharat's safety & security. See the population percentage of Assam's many districts: In Assam, districts with the highest Muslim populations include, in descending order: Dhubri (74.3 per cent); Barpeta (59.4 per cent); Hailakandi (57.6 per cent); Goalpara (53.7 per cent); Karimganj (52.3 per cent); Nagaon (51 per cent); Marigaon 47.6 per cent); Bongaigaon (38.5 per cent); Cachar (36.1 per cent); Darrang (35.5 per cent); Nalbari (22.1 per cent); Kokrajhar (20.4 per cent). Thus, five districts are already Muslim majority; four are on the way to becoming so. These are the districts where original Tribes, Hindus & non-Muslims are specifically attacked by Bangla Deshi Muslims to grab territorial & political control. This is a systematic Ethnic Cleansing & this is the real issue.

2.      Not only in North East, in all over Bharat total around 3 Crore (30 Million) Bangla Deshi Muslim infiltrators. On a war footing they need to be deported. Indian citizens are facing severe job crunch themselves, there is a shortage of land & food for the Indian citizens & the main issue is safety & security of Bharat as Bangla Deshi Muslims are globally known for their terror links. In support of these 30 million Bangla Deshi Muslims, Bharat's minority population stood up in all states. Threatened & attacked by these elements, North Eastern Indians fled from many states abruptly leaving their studies for which they had paid fees, their work from which they were running their households & from places they had pinned their hopes for brighter lives. This is the biggest mass exodus in independent Bharat after 1990 Kashmir exodus. Blaming some stray rumors on social networking sites & on mobiles for such huge exodus is not naïve, but it is intentional under hand support to the imported vote bank of Bangla Deshi Muslim infiltrators who are making North Eastern Indians victims. The only solution to this is to seal the Bangla Desh border & deport all Bangla Deshi Muslims who are in majority in their country unlike the minority Hindus there who have been facing Ethnic Cleansing same as in Pak. National Citizenship Registry based on 1951 will solve this problem if the Union & all the state Govts show political will & keep aside greed for votes.  

3.      Reported & unreported, total over 1,00,000 (10 million) North Eastern Indians have left their studies, work, houses from many states. They had to go to other states in Bharat for brighter future because Govts in North Eastern states did not care for giving them better education, job opportunities, professional environment & assurance for career growth as Govts were busy helping Bangla Deshi Muslims for vote banks. Choosing foreign invaders over Indian citizens for political gain is a serious matter. Millions of North Eastern Indian citizens excel in their studies, jobs, manual work & various professions in Bharat. Most fled away fearing for their lives. All of them have to get a total Rehabilitation Package by the Union & the respective state Govts.

4.       NE Returnees Rehabilitation Package should include:

a)     Immediate arrangement for all the North Eastern Indians to return to where they studied / worked / lived. Govts should run special trains / flights for them whenever they wish to go back. Govt gave them trains to flee to their homes from various states – these trains had no food, no water, no basic facilities & they were packed where even the adults could not breathe. The trains / flights for all those who wish to return to their studies . work etc should be sufficient in numbers & well organized.

b)     There are a few categories among the North Eastern Indians who stayed in other states:

-         Students : All North Eastern students should be again absorbed in the courses / universities they were studying. The lost time should be made up by the institutes through specifically organized special classes for them & they should be helped in not missing out on any exams. Govt should pay their fees as they had to look for other states only because govts have not given them better facilities in their own states. Govts should give special scholarships to all NE students. All states where they study should make for them special secured hostels.

-         Employees of various companies / Professionals: (IT / BPO / Other Call Centers / Other companies / Govt organizations etc. All these employers should allow them to continue their work again from where they had to flee without any salary cuts or leaves. State Govts should arrange special working women's hostels, working men's hostels for North Eastern Indians.

-         Employees of other types of work like Security Guards / Labor (In Keral many work in Brick Making, in New Mumbai they work in Cold Storages, in Gujarat they work in diamond / textile factories, in many cities they work in restaurants etc. There are many such specialty & non-specialty jobs they do in various states of Bharat. These are the poorest among all. One day's wage lost & they go hungry. All such North Eastern Indians should be absorbed in their work again. State Govts should arrange accommodation, safety & medical facilities for them.

-         Union Govt should introduce a Special North East India Insurance Scheme. This should be made available for all North Eastern Indians (not for Bangla Deshi Muslims) wherever they study work / live. The premium of this scheme should be paid by the Govts of the states from where they come. The special Insurance scheme also should be introduced for all North Eastern Indians staying in North eastern states.

5.      To help North Eastern Indians in emergency in all states of Bharat, we have HINDU HELP LINE. It is 24 X 7 all days service. Through Hindu Help Line we have already helped many North Eastern Indians make a decision not to flee & stay back. Hindu Help Line also provided food, water, milk in Nagpur, Khadagpur, Jal Paigudi, Kolkata, etc on the trains when they were going back. Hindu Help Line also is helping in Relief Camps in violence affected districts in Assam. Over 5000 kid's clothes, medicines, food, water, warm clothes, etc are provided there. Hindu Help Line All India Numbers: 020 – 66803300 and 07588682181.   




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