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RSS provides mobile dispensaries to vanvasibin Gadchiroli


Mobile dispensary for naxal-hit vanavasis

Source: News Bharati      Date: 2/8/2012 3:43:08 PM

Gadchiroli district that lies along the edge of Maharashtra is regarded as one of the most undeveloped and backward tribal region of the country. This district is gripped by various development-related problems such as health, education and employment. Also, the naxal menace and malnutrition are at their peaks. Government initiated a number of schemes for the up-liftment of the region but whether those schemes reached up to the common people is really a matter of concern. 
Deriving inspiration from Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Dr Hegewar Janmshatabdi Seva Samiti, since several years, is striving to reach healthcare and educational facilities up to the vanavasi brethren residing in the remote regions of the country. With an objective of providing healthcare and creating health awareness among the people of Aheri, Etapalli, Bhamragarh and Mulchera regions of Gadchiroli District through mobile dispensary, the samiti initiated this work in 1988 to mark the centenary year of RSS founder Dr Keshav Balirampant Hedgewar. 
The samiti adopts one major village situated in the remote region where government aid cannot reach and provides healthcare to the people in the surrounding region. Petha village in Etapalli taluka, Kishtapur in Mulchera, Nagulwahi, Kolpalli, Guddigudam in Aheri taluka, and a number of villages in Bhamragarh taluka have been benefitted by this project. 
Initially, through people's contribution, a jeep was used for the project. After the expiry period, Member of Parliament Hansraj Ahir arranged for an ambulance that regularly visits the health centres and serves the need of the people. Along with this ambulance service, seva samiti's mobile clinic is also being run by Dr Suresh Dambole from Aheri. The medicines required for the mobile dispensary is arranged free of cost by seva samiti karyakartas. They collect these medicines from the doctors and medical stores located in the city. Inspired by this project, people from the region constructed a building for running this clinic regularly at Petha through shramdaan (self labour). This clinic has given a great relief to the patients in the surrounding region. 
About 1500 patients are examined and treated per month through this mobile clinic. Patients affected by chronic ailments need to be shifted to the hospital in case of casualty. Such needy patients are shifted to the hospitals at Nagpur and Chandrapur by the samiti. After shifting them, the samiti also takes a regular account of their health progress. Check-up camps are conducted from time to time regarding contagious diseases, eye ailments, cardiac diseases, etc by a team of experts. Till now, a number of camps have been conducted by the samiti in the remote villages such as Binagunda, Thodewara, Gobnar, Midadhapalli and Laheri located in Bhamragarh taluka on the border of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. 
A woman needs complete healthcare during pregnancy. However, this fact is ignored by elderly people due to illiteracy and lack of awareness. This proves fatal for woman many a times. To create awareness among villagers regarding this aspect, a team of Arogya Rakshikas was constituted by Dr Hedgewar Janmashatabdi Samiti. Meena Mattami, Sheetal Weladi, Munni Atram from the village has been given Arogya Rakshika training. Pregnant women in the village are regularly examined and are given necessary healthcare by these Arogya Rakshikas. 
Due to all these aspects, the sapling that was planted by Dr Hedgewar has now turned into a banyan tree. A number of seva activities are being run in the entire country; this mobile clinic is one of them that served as an angel for the vanavasi brethren residing in the remote regions of the country.
Prashant Bhruguwar
Gadchiroli, Maharashtra (India)
Mobile no: 9403820154 
How to reach
By air:
 The nearest airport is at Nagpur located at a distance of 180 km.
By rail: The nearest railway station is at Chandrapur at a distance of 80 km. Gadchiroli has 18.5 km of narrow gauge railway line passing through the northwestern part of the district.
By road: State transport buses are available.

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