Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fwd: Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge--Full Length Video.

Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge--Full Length
My friend B. B. Vishnu Swami produced this video and gave me some copies of the DVD to distribute to others who would be interested in seeing it. It is such a good, convincing and easy-to-understand presentation that I wanted to include it here so everyone can see it.
It covers how the Vedic spiritual knowledge is an ancient but thorough culture for all aspects of life. It also presents information on
The Harappan Linguistics,
Saraswati River's existence by satellite imagery,
Kurukshetra 5000 year old Battlefield Carbon Dating,
Dating of Vedic texts,
Dwaraka Island Marine Archeology,
Aryan Invasion theory proven untrue,
Vedic Cosmology,
The early nature of Vedic Mathematics,
The use of Vedic Mantras,
and much more.
See the video here in its full length:
More information and videos about the Vedic culture and its spirituality can be seen on, and at,, and

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