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Hindus, Hinduism, Hindusthan


Hindus, Hinduism, Hindusthan
By: Chanchal Malviya

Some 1400 years ago, this land India never knew what Religion was. All it knew was GOD. India then was all Gold and all GOD. There was no full stop on any belief. A worshipper of Lord Shiva was also a devotee of Lord Krishna and vice versa. The countless deities didn"t ask their followers to fight to attain any superiority. This land east of Hindukush was sometimes called as Hindusthan by those living west of Hindukush. And the majority population of this land is still called as Hindus.
The same land is here again known more popularly as India has so many Religions. One GOD of Islam is not ready to take another GOD of Hindu. One GOD of Christianity is not ready to accept another GOD of Hindu. Had there been only one GOD existing, there was surely no question of any fight, because then all would have been worshipping the same GOD probably with different name and understanding. But it is the honor of GOD to establish hatred in the heart of his followers against the followers of other GOD (more popularly called as SATAN). But GOD himself seems to be powerless to deal with SATAN once and for all. Amazing concepts of Monotheist Religions! Anyway, there would be lot to talk on GOD. Let us see what is meant by Hindus.
1400 years of history has changed this land tremendously. Over 800 years of atrocities of Islam and over 200 years of rule of Christianity changed the demography on this pure land of Sanatan believers and followers. Gold is lost. The target left is on GOD. Thousands of Vedas were burnt. The concept of GOD was attempted to be destroyed. Yet, the looters of this nation could not touch GOD. GOD showed his presence some times through Shankaracharya, and at other times through Chhatrapati Shivaji and Swami Vivekananda. The concept evolved back. The once disappearing Hindus revived their consciousness. And Bharat was formed. But this was obviously not acceptable. There emerged a great scholar and experimentalist. He claimed that he knew all Religions. He gave the mantra of "Sarva Dharma Samabhava". It was well understood that the fight for Independence was a struggle of Hindus. And the experimentalist wanted Muslims to join hand. He either never knew the history, or he didn"t wanted to learn anything from it. He wanted his own fiction to come to reality. Hindus by and large are automatically in the mode of acceptance of anything that seems to be peaceful. So, "Sarva Dharma Samabhav" was accepted by them. But then, "Sarva Dharma" doesn"t mean Hinduism alone. Or else it would have been "Ekam Dharma". "Sarva Dharma" mean other Religions also. So, the experiment was carried forward in the name of Non-Cooperation movement. But there was a deal made to include "Sarva Dharma" into the movement. The deal was known as "Khilafat movement". But "Khilafat" was "Ekam Dharma", as the movement was in favor of Caliph of Turkey (not even India). Strange, isn"t it? When our own nation was seeing huge atrocities, our "Sarva Dharma" was advocating "Khilafat". And the result was Mopla Rebellion, where around 10,000 Hindus were massacred by Muslims. But the experiment didn"t end. It continued. The Quran was read in Temples by the experimentalist. But Bhagwad Geeta was surely not read in any Masjid. Yet, "Sarva Dharma" remained alive. "Ekam Dharma" of Ali and Jinnah was fully supported by "Sarva Dharma", but "Ekam Dharma" of Savarkar and Godse was destroyed.
This "Sarva Dharma" concept is still ruling this nation. There are nations like Nepal, Bhutan, Myamar and Sri Lanka as our neighbors. How much threat do we have from them? There is an equally small nation "Bangladesh". Surely, our believers of "Sarva Dharma" do not have any threat from them also. There is yet another nation "Pakistan" and our "Sarva Dharma" followers must also be free from any threat from it as well. The fact is, around 1.2 million Hindus were trained during Independence movement to create Indian Army. And the base of current Army is a gift of Veer Savarkar and Subhas Chandra Bose. After all, against whom our Army is deployed? Is our Army fighting against Sri Lanka, Mymmar, Bhutan or Nepal? Obviously, the major task of Army lies against Pakistan and Bangladesh. Do you think these nations are containing people of "Sarva Dharma"? No, there lies "Ekam Dharma" in these nations and that is Islam. And the fight of Army is undoubtedly and clearly against "Ekam Dharma" Islam. If the Army does not hold the ideologies of Hinduism, will they be able to do justice to their job? I am sure, they will not. The bigger question is how are Pakistan and Bangladesh able to create terrorism in India? If the question is answered honestly, the answer would be clearly "Ekam Dharma". And the picture that will emerge is that "Sarva Dharma Samabhava" is meant for Hindus alone.
Some people believe that they think only of Nation and not Religion. They are hypocrites. They will be the first to run away if there is any attack. Do they want to say that people living in the nation are all Atheists? Do they think who the enemies of the nation are? Do they think that Hinduism is the enemy of the nation? Are Hindus engaged in threatening Muslims or Christians to leave the country? How many regions do you know was evacuated by Muslims and given to pure Hindus? But there are many regions, which were evacuated by Hindus and given to Muslims. Malegaon, Achalpur, Dhole, Eastern belt of West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and the largest of all Kashmir are to name the few. If "Sarva Dharma" applies so easy and appeals so deep, why don"t the believers of it go and settle in Kashmir or Malegaon? Why did Sadhu Vasvani run away from Lahore?
Anyway, the new name of "Sarva Dharma Samabhava" is Secularism. In reality, "Sarva Dharma Samabhava" or Secularism is a slap on the face of Hindus. And obviously, Hindus were taught by the founder of "Sarva Dharma Samabhava" to show another side of the face to get yet another slap. So, Hindus cannot do anything for this slap.
I am sorry to say that the founder of "Sarva Dharma Samabhava" could not differentiate between "Dharma" and Religion. He could not differentiate between Quran and Geeta. He could not learn from history and even his own experiments. All he could do was put the tag of "Sarva Dharma Samabhava" and help "Ekam Dharma" to continue their atrocities on all believers of "Sarva Dharma".
Let people of this country know what Bhagwad Geeta says on "Sarva Dharma Samabhava".
"Sreyan Swadharmo Vigunaha Par Dharmatswanisthitat, Swedharma Nidhanam Shreyah Par Dharma Bhayavahah"
Better is one"s own Dharma even if it is full of fault. It is better to die in own Dharma. As other"s Dharma is full of dishonor and will bring ruin to the betrayer of his own Dharma.
Lord Krishna has not advocated to what the experimentalist told and practiced. If one wants to save their nation, they must save their Dharma first. If Nation is the mother, Dharma is the Father. We can clearly see why "Sarva Dharma Samabhava" was established. So the original and true father "Dharma" (for India it was "Sanatan Dharma") could be replaced. And you all know it is replaced now. What our Lords didn"t do, we have done and accepted. Who will protect this nation now? Mother feeds the nation, Father protects the nation. Now our Father is still under captive. And new Father is declared. We need to release or father first, if we want to save India. There is no other formula that will work. The "Ekam Dharma", Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma is alone that will give peace to even Muslims and Christians. This land India is made for Saints and Rishis. If that is destroyed, I predict today, nature will devastate the whole earth. If the whole world has to exist, India must exist as a Hindu state. India must have Rishis and Munis in full swing.
If the Secularist still does not understand, let me put before them a clear meaning of Dharma. In most simple form Dharma means "All that you want to do with and on others, but with the condition that if same is done with and on you, you are sure that you would enjoy them equally". So, Conversion is what Christians think is right, and if they are not ready to accept the same when applied to their community - it is Adharma. If Islam thinks looting, raping and killing Kafirs is correct and orders of GOD, then the same done on them should also be accepted with equal pleasure - or else it is Adharma. This is the philosophy of Hinduism and this is why Hinduism by default is Secular. But now, beware Hindus, you are already declared as Communal by Media and current Government. You are 80%, yet you cannot hold your Religion with pride - your face is shameful. Your choice, what you want to say: Long Live "Sarva Dharma Samabhava"; Long Live Secularism OR "Garv se Kaho Hum Hindu Hain".

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