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Global Warming Due to Social, Moral and Physical Pollution- Vedic Solution


 Subject: Global Warming due to Social, Moral and Physical Pollution.
Vedic Solutions
When the omniscient divine subtle particle Soul (Atma) was rovided to  human beings, man was then born in the image of Supreme Soul (Parmatma). (Atharva Veda).
Vedic Rsis and Munnies of yore then communicated with their tma being> Vachispatiah (it speaks when you follow Cosmic Laws of Natur- Rta). Firs they found the Purpose of Human Birth from the a-prior knowledge contained in the human soul.
Thus Rig Veda says that the Purpose of Human Birth is to assist
 Viswakarma (Supreme Architect) in the maintenance of His rand
 wondrous Design (Rig Veda) by following Cosmic Laws of physical,
 social and moral order (Vedic Rta). All these laws are known to human
 Soul (Atma). The Divine subtle particle Atma being Vachispatiah one  can communicate with it (Atharva Veda)
The scientific belief in One ineffable, formless and nameless God who has been given some name by learned persons, want us to help in creating PEACE everywhere- peace in the sky, peace in the atmosphere, peace on the earth, peace in plants, animals, human beings and water
 (Yajur Veda 36-17). Let the peace itself be peaceful. This is the most famous peace prayer to God as Shanti Path in the Vedas and reminder to us to protect the divine planet Mother Earth from social, moral and physical pollution.
During the long journey of about 5000 years from the time of man's desire to know the permanent truths and search of ineffable God, the concept of peace as described in Yajur Veda has been considerably diluted. This has mainly happened owing to nescience (ajnan) and giving superiority to material and intellectual knowledge based on inert matter. Vedas tell us matter has unsuspected vitality owing to
 Spirit (energy principle) in shuniya (void).
  Akash (ether) is no longer peaceful; all kinds of sound waves are
 being passed through the ether, good, lustful, spiritual and
 non-spiritual, virtuous and evil, making the sky highly polluted. The atmosphere is no longer peaceful as the modern man has succeeded with his material knowledge in spreading poisonous toxic gases and matter through green house effect, depletion of ozone layer and other effects.
Man himself has now become the pioneer in creating all kinds
 of dreadful diseases in the animate life on this beautiful globe. The earth itself is not peaceful and every day getting more polluted in the name of material progress bereft of spiritual progress. The philosophies of material progress and vulgar consumerism have now become synonymous. The Mother Earth, which serves selflessly the animate and inanimate life/things, is now a huge quarry for exploitation. All waters whether belonging to highly sacred rivers like Ganga or other rivers including the waters of oceans presided over by Varun deva are no longer peaceful. They are now so much polluted that all kinds of life in water, fishes, dolphins, sea plants, and shells is now being endangered.
All animate life on this planet is crying for the Vedic Peace "shanti" to come back. However, the material knowledge of inert matter is getting more and more specialized and primordial matter in the form of tamasic guna of impurity is becoming predominant.
 This is making people with stake, who are in pursuit of tons of money for them selves and not for society to be hell bent not to allow Vedic peace to come back in the sky, water, society and all other places on this earth.
They have a strange material but intellectual argument that bringing the most ancient Vedic philosophy in this modern material world is a retrograde step. They over look the hard realities that from Vedic formless universal God we have moved to millions of gods/goddesses.
 The movement seems to be now from scientific temper to unscientific outlook, from the philosophy of enlightened liberalism to absolute and naked selfishness, from the scientific Vedic rituals to aimlessunscientific rituals and ceremonies. Back to Vedas can save the divine planet from the impending danger.
To help the human beings to perform their duties, Prakrti in her
divine role creates the Earth (Prithvi) as karma bhoomi for all of us.
This karma bhoomi is the milch cow, which moves very fast on its
 subtle axis (never gets rusted) but does not kick. We only exist so long as we perform our allotted duties otherwise, not to be occupied is the same thing as not to exist.
 Through Prakrti He provides His stern and permanent laws (Rta), gives lessons of non-violence of the strong, transparency, truthfulness and vividness. Our Supreme Mother has conveyed the message though Vedas
 "create social organization in the world based on Rta (eternal laws) and Satya (truth and transparency) so that we look at each other with friendly eyes (Y.V 36-18) and do not fight and deface the fair divine
 Nature- your supreme Mother (R.V 5-4-10 and R.V 11-31-1).
 O: Rudra Deva (being of light) "May we transplant ourselves with this knowledge in our children and become immortal through them."
 Vedas have many other Mantras/Riks/Hymns to protect Benign Mother Earth from Global Warming/Pollution. The seekers of Vedic Knowledge can find these mantras in Chapters relating to Vedic Society, Rta and Science and Scientific Temper in the Book Glimpses of Vedic

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