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Greetings of Akshaya Tritiya Festival

ll Sree ll

Akshay Tritiya is one out of the three and a half auspicious occasions (muhurts). This day is significant as according to some it is the beginning of the Krutayug or the Tretayug. Since Indians always consider the first day of any time period to be auspicious, the scriptures prescribe rituals like ritualistic bathing, donations (dan), etc. on such days. T

Significance of 'Akshay Tritiya'

A combination of frequencies of 'Brahma' and 'Sree Vishnu' come from the region of Supreme Deities i.e. 'Sagun-lok' to the Earth due to which the 'sattvikta (pre-dominance of 'Sattva' component)' on the Earth increases by 10%
1. Meaning: If the Deity that bestows constant happiness and prosperity is worshipped on the day of 'Akshay-trutiya' with the feeling of gratitude, the Deity's grace never wanes. One should worship the Deity with gratitude on 'Aksahy-trutiya' for acquiring her constant grace.

2. Worship of 'Mrutika (Soil)' : We can acquire 'Dhanya (grains) -Lakshmi', 'Dhana (wealth) -Lakshmi' and 'Vaibhav (glory)- Laksmi' due to 'Mrutika (soil)' who always bestows her grace. The day of 'Akshay Tritiya' is the day of worshipping 'Mrutika' with gratitude.

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