Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who are responsible for this...? Rare Photographs of India - Pakistan Partition (1947)


These are few of the rare photographs taken during India – Pakistan Partition in 1947. They throw light on plea and struggle of people during separation.



Train to Pakistan being given a Warm Send Off.



Millions of people left for their promised new Homland with smiles on their faces as trains left both India and Pakistan .







Over 10 million people were uprotted from their homeland and traveled on foot, bullock carts and trains to their promised new home. The massive exchange of population that took place in summer of 1947 was unprecedented.






An aged and abandoned Muslim couple and their grand children sitting by roadside on this arduous journey. Most probably old man in the picture is dying of exhaustion.




In 1947, the border between India and its new neighbour Pakistan became a river of Blood , as the exodus erupted into rioting. In couple of months in 1947, a million people were slaughtered on both sides in the religious rioting.  



Rare photograph of religious rioting

 Short and narrow street of one city (? Indian or Pakistan ?) where dead bodies are lying like garbage across the street and few of them are lying in open gutter.



: Men, women and children who died in the rioting were cremated on a mass scale.



With the tragic legacy of an uncertain future, a young refugee sits on the wall of Purana Qila, transformed into a vast refugee camp in Delhi.



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