Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RSS's youtube channel Rocking ahead.........


1) Mohanji Bhagwat's Press conference: Delhi : 28 August 2009 part 1

All 5 parts of this press conference available on below channel.

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Namaste  Ji,

To breach the gap between Sangh (RSS) and Common people; To remove the Misconception about Sangh and Sangh work (spread many time by media or because of ignorance about ideology); we have started a YouTube channel and have made arrangements so that we can get updated videos and documentaries from Sangh. Once the process is synchronised it might well be made official YouTube channel.
Link to the channelhttp://www.youtube. com/RSSOwner or use link http://zi.pe/f6

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If you have any videos to be added, please give it's link by mail or for any suggestion or complaint write to virtualshakha@gmail.com.

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Some Achievement Till Date:-

1) Already more than 125 videos available on channel and many videos will be soon available.
2) Many time YouTube ranked channel in India's top subscriber in month and in many other rankings. Current Ranking 11th in Reporter Group.

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