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Blog EntryTHE DIVINE TOUCHJul 23, '09 9:30 AM
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I went ahead and found Swamiji [Swami Vivekananda] standing at the door. On seeing me he said, 'You are the first to come; come along.' Saying so he took me to a small room, and sitting down on a small rug asked me to sit on another.
Soon, Swamiji entered into a meditative state and passed into the realm of savikalpa samadhi- the body still, limbs motionless, spine erect, eyes fixed and bright; with feeling, power, love, and bliss welling up in his face; and gravity intensifying all the other moods. ...
After remaining immersed in samadhi for quite some time, he controlled his mind and taking my right hand in his own remained quiet for a while. Next he started telling me about my past. ... When Swamiji was holding my hand, all my desires and thoughts subsided. There was neither inclination nor disinclination- no desire, no wish; even bhakti and mukti were gone. All was peace; the world was peaceful, steady and calm. Creation was, Creation was not; [all was] filled with bliss. And there was something beyond bliss that I cannot describe in words-I began to enjoy that. Peace, peace, supreme peace-- all-pervading peace. ...
I do not know how long I was in that state. Slowly I found my mind descending from that high state and entering my body, and I started faintly apprehending the room and other objects, like one just awakened from sleep. ... But one new thing became evident- a sweetness and peace pervaded all objects. Every object appeared holy and dear to me, something to be reverenced. I saw that the wind was holy, space was holy, the waters were holy, the directions were holy, every created being was holy!

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