Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mahatma Gandhi as much to blame for partition as Jinnah: Sudarshan


Mahatma Gandhi as much to blame for partition as Jinnah: Sudarshan
Pioneer News Service | Gwalior
Former Sarsanghchalak of RSS KC Sudarshan said, "Today we all accuse Mohammad Ali Jinnah of dividing India into Hindustan and Pakistan, all the Indians view him as villain, but if I say that for the division of our country Mahatma Gandhi was also so much guilty as much as Jinnah was then, every person present here would not be surprised."
Sudarshan was speaking as the main speaker at the Muqabala-e-Islam-e-eMaloomat programmed organised by the Muslim Rashtriya manch in Gwalior on Saturday.
Sudarshan further said that father of the nation Mahtma Gandhi who played important role in the freedom struggle committed some mistakes at that time due to which seed of the partition germinated in the mind of Jinnah. The main mistake of Gandhiji was to support Khilafat movement conducted by the Muslims of India for reckoning the Shah of Turkey after he was dethroned. Another mistake of Mahatma Gandhi was to address Jinnah as a Muslim leader.
In 1927 Jinnah went to Britian leaving the Congress and the country. After 10 years when he returned to India he was a diehard Muslim and started demanding Pakistan in 1940.
"Had Gandhiji not committed these mistakes, Pakistan and Bharat were united Country as Bharat", the head of Rashtriya Muslim Manch, Gwalior advocate Siraz Qureshi said, adding that when the rulers of India and Pakistan want to create animosity between Hindus and Muslims of the country such programmers were like a blessing in which we can over come difficulties under the guidance of a great person like Sudarshan.

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