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Khilafat In India: Who Are These Mysterious Jihadis




Khilafat In India: Who Are These Mysterious Jihadis?
Author: Maqsoodul Hasan Qasmi
Publication: New Age Islam
Date: August 6, 2010

This was in the beginning of July. I was coming out of the mosque after
offering the namaz of Isha (the last prayer of the day) when I saw some
youth distributing pamphlets at both the doors of the mosque. I was
taken aback at the title of the pamphlet and read the whole text
standing there. In the pamphlet the Muslims were told that the day was
not too far when the whole world would be under their rule and to
achieve that they should establish Khilafat and that only Khilafat was
the real Islamic form of government. In the pamphlet, the Muslims of
Jamia Nagar were appealed to attend a meeting at the Bade Barat Ghar in
Batla House on July 11, 2010 in connection with the efforts to establish

Therefore, I also arrived at the place on the scheduled time. First of
all, the audience were shown some video pictures. The pictures of
Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Pakistan, Britain and the US apart from
various European countries were shown. The pictures showed Muslims
protesting with placards. A scroll was also running on the screen which
said, "See, the Muslims the world over are demanding Khilafat(
caliphate) and we should also be prepared for it."

After that some speakers delivered their speeches. They said that the
establishment of Islamic rule under Khilafat was inevitable and living
under a non-Khilafat rule was a sin. As for jihad, it was said that
jihad was mandatory and only a caliph elected by the Muslims can order
it and that the violence and bloodshed unleashed nowadays was not jihad.

The most important fact about the meeting was that no important figure
of the neighbourhood was associated with it. Even the convenor of the
meeting and the two speakers seated on the stage were unknown people.
Though the convenor tried his best to conceal his identity, on someone's
enquiry he said that his name was Abdur Rasheed, was a lawyer by
profession and hailed from Gujarat.

The participants of this secret meeting wondered what prompted them to
come from a faraway place to convene a meeting here. Who are backing
them and what are their plans? Their sincerity and honesty can be gauged
by the fact that the pictures purportedly of the Khilafat movement in
various countries they showed were a bundle of lies because they
belonged to the time when blasphemous cartoons were published in Denmark
which had caused deep anxiety among the Muslims. Nevertheless, they
could not be termed as the movement for the establishment of Khilafat as
they were part of peaceful protests of the Muslims the world over
against the insult to the Prophet (PBUH).

I was all the more surprised to realise that the person who was
provoking the Muslims against the democratic government and democratic
constitution terming it as 'satanic' and evil was himself a lawyer in
the Indian judiciary and earning his bread and butter through the laws
formed by the very constitution he branded un-Islamic. Could there be a
bigger paradox than that?

The attempts to mobilise Muslim youth by raising deceitful slogans have
been made in the past as well that always led to destruction. The fate
of the Jamat Islami of Pakistan, Ikhwanul Muslimeen of Egypt and the
Taliban of Afghanistan is there for all to see.
In our country too, some
gullible elements earned name and fame by raising similar slogans,
constituted Muslim Parliament through which they earned fame and wealth
but at the same time played an important role in destroying the nation's
unity and integrity. However, the Muslims of the country have become
aware of their reality which is why no Muslim religious scholar of the
country has extended his support to the people pushing for Khilafat or
Islamic rule. No important personality of Batla House was seen in the
meeting. I strongly believe that the Muslims of this country will not
fall into the trap of these people any more. But the people who convene
these meetings can, however, strengthen communal forces like Sangh
Parivar and its affiliates. At a time when the whole country is peaceful
and the involvement of Sangh Parivar is becoming more evident by the
day, people raising slogans of Khilafat or Islamic state can only
instill new life into the corpses of these outfits.

My humble advice to these people is that in this country where Hindus,
Muslims, Sikhs and Christians live harmoniously together, they should
not indulge in inflammatory and provocative religious sloganeering as it
will not work in this country that belongs to Indians associated with
different religions and cultures. They should go to Pakistan or
Afghanistan and live with people establishing Khilafat through their
so-called jihad and exploding bombs day in and day out in the name of
jihad. Their wish of martyrdom and meeting the houris can be fulfilled
sooner than later there.

It is strange that these elements want Khilafat for the Muslims in a
country where they constitute 20 per cent of the population and are
better off educationally and religiously than their coreligionists in
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Arab. They should go to Saudi
Arabia and talk about Khilafat, then only they will realise what it
means speaking against the rule of law and what fate awaits them. It is
an irony that Abu Hamza of Egypt leaves his own country to become an
imam in a mosque in a foreign country and openly supports Osama bin
Laden. Masood Azhar of Pakistan speaks of jihad against India and
America, brainwashes Muslim youth of Pakistan and sends them to
Afghanistan to wage jihad against America but he himself remains in
hiding in Pakistan. The peace loving citizens of Pakistan should ask
these people why they do not go to the front first and meet with
martyrdom instead of sending the boys and why don't they themselves try
to meet the houris they promise the youth.

It is high time we stood up against all forms of extremism. The Muslim
intellectuals and scholars should deal with the extremism growing among
the Muslim community strictly. Simultaneously, our Hindu brethren should
also stand up against the Hindu extremists. We should bear this in mind
that as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians freed the country
together, so we will have to wage a jihad against extremism of all hues



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