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TogadiaSpeak: No human rights for Hindus even in Hindustan!


TogadiaSpeak: No human rights for Hindus even in Hindustan!
By Dr Pravin Togadia
A bizarre visual made waves on most TV channels 2-3 years back. It was shown for some time and then suddenly it was taken off from almost all TV channels as if was managed to be taken off. That was a visual of a robe clad tall hefty man wielding guns in both hands and with knives arranged in the calf length stockings. He was sloganeering and cheering the mobs that were burning Hindu houses / shops and directing few mobs to go to particular lanes. That man was a minority MLA from Mau, U.P. What transpired there was a broad daylight genocide and many Hindus were killed, burnt alive and their lady family members were raped. India watched it on TV with a shock. But no human rights activist or not even national human rights commission ever visited there. No government took note of Hindu plight there. No political party bothered to care for Hindus there. Just because any community is a majority in a particular country, do social raggers and bullies from minority get a right to hurt it? Aren't there any human rights for Hindus even in Hindustan?

When I wrote in my last column about the appalling Human Rights situations of Hindus living abroad, many asked me if I had forgotten of the more tragic Human Rights situation of Hindus in India. No. Nobody can ever forget it. Not one, not two, but umpteen number of incidents show and prove that the tragic Human Rights situation of Hindus is not indifference and ignorance of the authorities but it is a well-planned conspiracy against Hindus for the dirty vote bank politics.

When any of us speaks of how the Kashmiri Pundits were hoarded out of their houses, farms, lands and businesses by jehadis and how it was written on their ladies' breasts to leave Hindu and Sikh women back for the jehadis, some show-case pseudo secularists tell us to stop speaking of history. Kashmiri Pundits' plight is as recent as in 1990 and it is not history. Jammu Kashmir border Hindus, Hindu labourers from U.P., Bihar, Rajasthan working there are still facing the same jehadi religious cleansing there, everyday our army/policemen die there.

Same fate is being faced by over 100,000 Assamese Hindus. They have been forced to live in the rehabilitation centers after losing their loved ones, losing their land and businesses to the invader Muslims from Bangladesh. These Bangladeshi Muslims have captured India's vast lands chasing out native Hindus and tribals there like Karbi Anglong and others. But vote bank greedy political parties are wooing those same invading Muslims for bunch of votes and almost all parties are trying to give them even citizen's rights!

This is a gross violation of not just Human Rights of Hindus in Assam but also a breach of their fundamental constitutional rights to live in their homes, work / do business at their places and grow their crops in their own farms. Every family has lost at least one person to the jehadi attack there and for so many years they are staying in rehabilitation camps with no facilities / no education for children just like in Kashmir. They don't even get voting rights in spite of being Indian citizens as their belongings including their documents are lost in the mayhem of the attacks; but invading jehadis are not only given Indian ration cards but also voting cards. No Human Rights of these displaced Hindus of Assam?

Recently, there were cases of Sodomy by Church Fathers and almost all victims - little boys - were Hindus and Tribals. Only few of such cases are ever reported and go to court. But most of them go unnoticed and unreported. On the other hand, with not even an iota of truth big noise was made about the so-called rape on the nun in Kandhamal (who later did not even come for identification of the so-called accused!). From Pope to media and from human rights activists to churches in India and the world shouted about it.

Whenever a police officer or Army officer, doing his utmost duty, kills a jehadi, there is always a big ho-hoopla by those so-called human rights people. But the same people suddenly vanish when any Hindu or Jain or Sikh or Bouddha is injusticed or attacked by jehadis or Church people. Even the governments and political parties turn purposeful blind eye to injustice to Hindus - be it rapes, riot attacks, juvenile crimes, loss of property / home / business / land.

So much so, recently when 6000 pilgrims were stuck in Mansarowar, even after media noise, government slept on it for days together. After many Hindus died and fell ill, 2 helicopters were sent which were obviously insufficient. For Haj, entire government machinery works overnight! Over 10,000 farmers died committing suicide in the past four years in various states. All of them are Hindus.

Over 75,000 Army, police and Para military men died in the attacks by jehadis in Kashmir, Assam, Tripura and by Naxals in many states. No human rights for them? Lakhs of temples, homes, farms yet occupied by jehadis, invaders and churches all over India. If any Hindu goes to pray there or claims his own home / land, he is either immediately attacked by those illegal occupiers or threatened by police with false cases - be it Kruttivaseshwar, Kashi Vishwanath in Kashi or be it Amarnath or be it Karbi Anglong land in Assam jungles or Hindus' homes in Karimganj (Assam), Mysore temples broken by Muslims or be it sea fishing areas across the coastal India from Kerala to Rameshwar and from Konkan in Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu and from Gujarat to Bengal... But No Human rights of these Hindus are ever thought off.

Not one, not two; if we sit to list such incidents, the list will be unending and is the plight of Hindus in India. There is no point in expecting that such so-called human rights groups, international web-site mongers and human rights commissions, any government or any political party would ever do anything for protecting Hindu's human rights. Hindus themselves have to democratically stand up to protect their own human rights. In many places from Hyderabad to Meerut and from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, Hindus are being persecuted by Muslims, are threatened and made to abandon their property. Some rich Muslims are forcibly taking signatures of Hindus on the transfer papers. Over 50,000 Hindu girls have been abducted by Muslims in the past three years. No Human Rights protection against this larger conspiracy. It has become a fashion to abuse Hindus, laugh at Hindus after hurting their sentiments and after even killing them. It has become a planned conspiracy of jehadi groups and supporting political parties to first attack 3-4 Hindus or rape a Hindu girl or break a Hindu religious structure. When Hindus go to the police / government to complain, they are threatened. After tolerating too much when Hindus react, then suddenly these show-case pseudo-secularists and Human Rights people jump and first shout in media (who also is very fond of same faces from this group) and then after doing media trial, governments lovingly act against Hindus and getting influenced by all this melo-dramatic ho-hoopla, sometimes even judiciary acts in a haste.

Hindus may be silent. Hindus may not look one. Governments, political parties, so-called human rights mongers and international / national pseudo-secularists think that because Hindu is divided in castes and other systems, Hindu would never come together as a formidable majority group to democratically fight this severe purposeful long continuing injustice, then they are in a dream world. Hindu may be silent. Hindu may not look one, but at core in the heart Hindu is one. And Hindu knows now is the time to democratically stand up against all such injustice he has been facing over generations. Irrespective of any political party affiliation, irrespective of any caste and community, Hindu can stand up democratically and Hindu would. It would not take much time for Hindus to democratically form their own national and international Hindu Rights Commission and other such systems. If the Caste Panchayats and Sharia are accepted in judiciary then the Hindus Human Rights Commission also must be accepted.

(The writer is a Cancer Surgeon and  International Secretary General of VHP. He can be contacted on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
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