Friday, August 28, 2009

For performing Pooja, Hindus needs license in New Delhi

August 27, 2009

Bhadrapad Shuddha Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

Shame on New Delhi Govt. who has to issue such directive to make mandatory to get license from Competent Authority for performing 'Pooja'. It is duty of Govt. to take care of Law & order in festival season. O Hindus, now time has come to boycott such anti-Hindu Govt. and elect only pro-Hindu candidates in forthcoming elections!

Press Release by VHP Delhi

Hindus in Delhi needs to get license from Delhi Police to perform Pooja or Ram Leela. According to the latest directive issued by the licensing department of Delhi police "The season of festivals is coming soon. It is mandatory to get licence for Pooja from a competent authority". Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) described this directive as Tughlaqui Farman which is not acceptable in our independent country.

The General Secretary of VHP Delhi Shri Satyendra Mohan said that such directives are to hamper hindu festivals in the days to come. These were never even issued by Tughlaque or Aurangjeb. Then, how we could be stopped to perform pooja in independent Bharat which is our fundamental right.

 A large number of Durga Pooja committees & Ram Leela Committees are forced to take back their decision to perform Pooja /Ram Leela this year due a very complicated & expensive procedure to get license. The directive says that those who want to perform Pooja have to apply for a license from the city Police. The directive published in many national dailies on Wednesday says that one has to make an affidavit and submit NO OBJECTION Certificate from Local Police, DDA, Traffic Police, Chief Fire Officer, Electricity Inspector, Entertainment Tax Officer etc. Security to be arranged by pooja committees from their own sources should not be less then the airport security in any manner. They have to install CCTV cameras with a 24 hr watching security personnel, DFMDs (security frames), trained male as well as female security guards with metal detectors, fire tender & ambulance should be kept ready for 24 hrs. DDA have also made a lengthy & complicated procedure to get Parks on lease to perform pooja.

Many Ramleela committees show only RAMAYAN TV serial made by Ramanand Sagar on a big frames in the days of Ramleelas. Such committees also needs to get certificate from the film censer board & deposit Rs. 500/- per day  in addition to many more formalilies. It is surprising to note that the directive came after the assurance by the Lt. Governor of Delhi to the meeting delegates of Ramleela / Durga Pooja Committes last Monday to withdraw all complications in this regard.

VHP demanded that govt should take all necessary steps to stop such directives immediately and ensure safe, secure &  peaceful celebrations in the day of festival to come.

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