Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cow is the back-bone of Indian economy

Cow is the back-bone of Indian economy. India was golden bird until cow was base of agriculture. Farmers had investment free farming. Now diesel, fertilizer, harvester combines, need capital investments. Therefore, farmers are suiciding due to debt and loss in production. Respect cow else get eradicated.


AtharvVeda III.30.1 You should impart love to each other as the(non-killable) cow does for its calf.
AtharvVeda IV.21.7 You strengthen the weak by your Nectar-like milk and your glory is sung in great
AtharvVeda XI.1.34 states "dhenuh sadanam rayeenam" i.e. 'cow is the fountainhead of all the bounties'.
RgVeda VI.28.1 states 'Let there be cows in our homes and they will impart milk and ghee to be utilized for yajna'
RgVeda VI.28.2 states 'Indra bestows strength and showers its bounties on the performer of yajna'
RgVeda VI.28.5 states 'cow's milk is used in the first offering (ahuti) to Soma'
RgVeda VI.28.6 states 'Oh sweet mooing cows! Glorify our abode and your products may benefit all of us'
RgVeda VI.28.7 states 'Cows may multiply and be fed appropriately and no one should torture them'
YajurVeda XXIII.48 states "Gostu matra n vidyate" i.e. Cow cannot be compared with anything.

The above quotes from Vedas represent abundant Self evidence to substantiate our stand that Vedas have been misinterpreted and Cow's killers deserve punishment and a BAN ON COW SLAUGHTER
is a must for this sacred land.

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