Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lessons from Events

1) The following experiment is not only applicable to managements in many of the organizations but also to an individual in a Religion..

“10 monkeys by name a,b,c,d,e,f, g,h,i,j are kept inside a closed room. In the top of the ceiling at one corner of the room, a bunch of bananas were hanged in a rope. A ladder was also kept in that same corner. One by one all the 10 monkeys were climbing the ladder to eat the bananas. At that moment, from the roof, through the system of water sprinkler cold water was poured by force over the monkeys. This was systematically repeated whenever any monkey tried to reach the bananas and the monkey(s) brought down to the ground. This in fact instilled a permanent scar of scare in the minds of the monkeys to the extent that even if any money tried to climb it was pulled down by the rest of monkeys as to avoid the menace of jet water.

Now among the 10 monkeys, ‘monkey-a’ was taken away and replaced with a new ‘monkey-1’. This time the water sprinkler was stopped. Seeing the banana, new monkey-1 was trying to climb, whereas all the old-monkeys jumped over the monkey-1 and pulled it down. Monkey-1 was not aware of the reason for being pulled by the other monkeys. Now the old ‘monkey-b’ was removed and replaced with another new ‘monkey-2’. This time ‘monkey-2’ was trying to climb the ladder to eat bananas, upon which the rest of the 9 monkeys under the leadership of new ‘monkey-1’, were pulling the ‘monkey-2’ down. Similarly this time as well ‘monkey-2’ was also not aware of why he was pulled by the other monkeys. In the same way, the whole set of old monkeys (a,b,c,d,e,f, g,h,i,j) were replaced with a new set of monkeys (1,2,3,4,5,6, 7,8,9,10) . Now the new set, despite never experienced the water-jet nor known the reason for ‘not to touch the bananas’ still followed the practice of pulling the legs of any money attempting to do so, all the while even the sprinkler system was off.

The reason is : 1) Propelled by habbits 2) lack of Inquiry resulting to stagnation.

2)An Indident happened in Trukey:

There was an incident some time back in Trukey which I could read in a daily News paper with the title 'Mass suicide'. When many sheeps were crossing a bridge, one sheep which was in the front of that group by mistake fallen from that bridge into the water below. Immediately the other sheeps which were behind started following the same one by one and died.

This is what happens when we perform impulsive actions without inquiry just because many do it. .

The messages of Gita help us to develop the intellect.