Friday, December 21, 2007

I could speak of things

I could speak of things
Some would be frightened to hear
Simply because it challenges
What they thought was
Apparently clear
Are you comfortable
With the perceptions you have formed
And so carefully displayed
In the mirror
I have been wandering
Beyond the edges of creation
I have ventured
Beyond constructed perception
Through the darkness
And to the other side of time
Where I found you
Surprised, it seems
To see me
Everywhere I've been
Reminds me of home again
Everywhere I go
People seem so lost and alone
Every time I call out
Hoping someone will understand
I watch my breath
Like shattered crystal
Sift gently through their hands
I am careful to avoid the crowds
Everyone's thoughts are way too loud
As if they are all screaming out
The din of their voices
Shatters the silence
Within me
So I pour myself onto the fabric
Of an unseen reality
Like a song heard off in the distance
Some kind of ancient harmony
Still, it seems, forgotten
If only