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FW: {satyapravah} What is the Religion of Bharat?


What is the Religion of Bharat?
P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice (

Every country has a religion. USA (whom we try to ape), UK, Australia, Canada, etc. (although Democratic and Secular), proudly say that they are Christian countries. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. proudly say that they are Islamic countries, although there is no democracy and 'secularism'. Even Sri Lanka proudly says it is a Buddhist country.

What is the Religion of Bharat? - Islam or Christianity? No. Can it be anything other than Hindu (Sanatan Hindu Dharm)?

If the culture of America is Christian and that of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan is Islam, the culture of India is Hindu. Any one trying to hide this Hindu identity is dishonest. Even hard core anti-Hindus like Brinda Karat, Medha Patkar, Teesta Setalvad, Mallika Sarabai, Arundathi Roy, Barkha Dutt, Ambika Soni, and many others, are testifying to this, showing up in saree with a big Bindi on their foreheads. They can hate Hindu religion but not Hindu culture.

If India is the body, Hindutva is its soul. The UPA is killing this soul. Just think - what happens when the soul leaves the body. Do you want this to happen to our beloved Motherland?

Do we Hindus have one country to call it ours, although we are 100 crores? When India was partitioned in 1947, with the birth of a Muslim Pakistan, India should have been declared a Hindu Nation. But we opted for 'secularism'. And today Hindus are Second Class citizens - Muslims and Christians getting special privileges. Our Prime Minister has declared that minorities should have first claim on our resources - an unconstitutional statement.

The present UPA Govt., under Sonia, is working towards dividing and converting Hindus, empowering Muslims and Christians in the name of secularism and supporting terrorists and Maoists.

Time is not far off when North Indians visiting Tirupathi Balaji, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari Vivekananda Rock memorial, etc. may have to carry a Passport and Visa. Similarly, South Indians visiting Kashi, Ganga, Khumb Mela, Amarnath, Vaishno Devi, etc. may need a Passport and visa. One shudders to think of this, but the UPA Govt. is working towards this end.

Although we were enslaved for nearly 1000 years, we re-emerged as one nation. This was possible due to our spiritual and cultural unity, which we call Hindutva.

This spiritual and cultural unity of India is being tampered with by the present UPA Govt. Here, in brief, are some proofs.

The National Advisory Council, headed by Sonia Gandhi, is an unconstitutional body. It has no national element in it. NAC consists of blind folded fundamentalist and Maoist supporters whose only aim is to destroy Hindu culture. NAC acts as a super-cabinet.

The NAC has drafted a Communal Violence Bill. The Bill says that only Hindus are creating communal violence and Muslims and Christians are the victims. That is - Muslims and Christians are peace-loving and Hindus are trouble makers. This, after repealing POTA to help terrorists, mostly Muslims. If this Bill becomes a Law, Hindus will be at the mercy of Muslims and Christians, which is as good as slavery.

Dr. Binayak Sen was sentenced to Life Imprisonment by Raipur Secessions' Court for treason and for helping Maoists. The Chattisgarh high court rejected his bail plea. The Supreme Court granted him bail. Immediately, the UPA Govt. has nominated him to the Planning Commission's steering committee on health.

Mr. Harsh Mandar, a member of NAC, has openly come in support of a Maoist-Naxalite, Abdul Shakeel Basha, arrested by the Gujarat police. Basha's wife was allotted a Govt. house!

Salwa Judum, a movement of Tribal youths to counter the Naxalite-Maoist terrorism has been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, due to a counter-offensive demonising it in the press, on TV and in courts and with European Union jholawallahs.

Christian delegations from USA and Europe are allowed to survey riot-affected areas. They even supervise court proceedings! Today, lakhs of Christian missionaries are working in India, to convert Hindus and make India in to a Christian country and to enslave Hindus.

In memory of a Kerala nun - Alphonsa - 10 rupee coin embossed with her picture is released. Did the govt. do so for any Hindu saint?

Missionaries of Charity Chief Sister Nirmala was awarded the nation's second highest civilian award Padma Vibhushan. Gladys Steins, the wife of murdered Australian missionary, Graham Steins, too got Padma Shri a few years back. They are being rewarded for converting Hindus.

After the demise of Satya Sai Baba, the AP Govt. is trying to take over his Trust. After the demise of Mother Teressa, did the govt. question any of the activities of Missionaries of Charity or check its cash & bank balance?

Navin Chavla was appointed as the Chief Election Commissioner only because he was a converted Christian. His wife is a Christian missionary.

Tainted PJ Thomas was appointed the Chief Vigilance Commissioner, inspite of objection by the Opposition Leader, only because he was a Christian. (The Supreme Court cancelled his appointment)

There are about 2.5 crore Christians in India, i.e. about 3%, a negligible amount. Yet there were (in Aug. 2006) five Christian chief ministers - Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Kerala and AP.

Many politicians/activists of Sonia's closed circle are Christians - Oscar Fernandes, Margaret Alwa, Ambika Soni, AK Anthony, Valson Thampu, John Dayal, Kancha Illaya (the latter three are Hindu-haters). There are many other crypt-Christians too. Ahmed Patel, a Muslim, is her PA.

At the request of the All India Christian Council (AICC), Sonia Congress gave ticket to two Christians for the Maharashtra Assembly elections. Does any Sadhu or Sant write to Congress or BJP?

The Presidential staff is headed by Ms. Christie Fernandes, a Christian and a Sonia favourite. All finer details including the colour of the Saree to be worn by the President on specific occasions are decided by her. Yes, Sonia's diktat even goes deep into Rashtrapathi Bhavan, and that too through Christians. Just look at the hold of Rome on India!

On 2nd August 2011, Sonia Gandhi, suddenly and secretly left for USA for medical treatment. It seems she does not trust Indian hospitals and doctors. She formed a 4-member core group to look after the affairs of the party during her absence. Look at the members - A.K. Antony, Ahmed Patel, Rahul Gandhi and Janardhan Dwidevi. Christians and Muslims are preferred for all important positions.

200 (two hundred) years ago Hindus in Kandahar (Afghanistan) were performing Pooja, singing Bhajans and Kirtans. Today there is no one, all replaced by Al Qaeda and Talibans.100 (hundred) years ago, Hindus were there in Karachi and Lahore. Today there is none. All have vanished into thin air. 50 (fifty) years ago, Hindus were there in Srinagar (Kashmir). Today no one is left there. All have been driven out.

Considering the above historic facts, 50 (fifty) years from now, will you (or your son/daughter or grand son/grand daughter) be able to perform Pooja, singing Bhajans and Kirtans? Logic says 'NO'. Muslim population explosion also confirms this. Also, look at the following symptoms.

In Jalpaiguri, a border district in West Bengal near Bangladesh, Hindus are threatened by Muslims not to cook food during day-time in the month of Ramzan. In 2007, Hindus celebrating Holi in Howrah were attacked by Muslims. In a few villages in Thenkasi Taluka (Tamil Nadu), Muslims have by sheer numbers democratically taken over the Panchayat; Now they have started taking out Notices in Urdu. In the same Taluka, Christians object to Hindus performing Pongal (Makar Sankaranti) on the street.

In many places in the North East, Indians are not welcome; Slogans like 'Indian Dogs, get out' painted on walls are common. A Christian MP of Congress calling Baba Ramdev 'Bloody Indian Dog' goes scot free. In Miraj, a Ganesh Mandap was attacked by Muslims in 2010. Similarly, in Borsad (Gujarat) Ganapathy processions were attacked by Muslims. Kashmiri Muslims oppose temporary transit camps being provided to Amarnath Yatris (compare this with Haj subsidies).

While Hindus in Pakistan are persecuted and seeking asylum in India, our PM is making efforts to return the properties of Muslims who have left for Pakistan, to their heirs via The Enemy Property Bill.

Efforts are made to belittle Hindus and Hindu Sants. Attack on Kanchi Shankaracharya, Asaram Bapu, Baba Ramdev, Bangaru Adigalar, Narendra Maharaj, Swami Nityananda, Satya Sai Trust, Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, Rashtriya Swamaysevak Sangh, VHP, etc. are a few examples. A TV channel reporting on the terrorist activities of a Madrassa is told to apologise; whereas TV channels tarnishing the image of Hindu Sadhus and Sants go scot free. The UPA Govt. talks of 'saffron terror'; did it ever say 'green terror' or 'red terror'?

As demanded by Christian Missionaries, the Executive Officer of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam was transferred, as he was blocking conversion of Hindus.

The UPA Govt. is trying to declare Devbhasha, Sanskrit, as a dead language, whereas it is giving incentive for learning Arabic and Urdu.

Muslims and Christians will vote only for the Congress, simply because it empowers them to dominate over Hindus. They are not bothered about Bomb Blast, price rise, terrorism, corruption, national security, economic development, farmers' suicide, democracy, religious freedom, etc. But what about you, Hindus? Is this the legacy you want to leave behind for your sons and daughters - to become slaves again? If not, get up from your deep slumber. Be a part of the Hindu Vote Bank.

With just 29% vote and 206 MPs (out of 543), Sonia Gandhi is ruling India as her personal fiefdom. If 50% Hindus vote for one party (that Hindu party will spring up in time, like the Janata Party in 1977), it can get  2/3rd majority. We can then even amend the Constitution, to make Bharat a Hindu Nation - a Vishwa Guru as it once was - where there will be true democracy and secularism. Are you Ready?

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