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Fw: For favour of publication or broadcast - NJ Hinduism Summit awakens Hindus to the reality of Hindu issues (images attached)

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NJ, USA. Oct 24, 2009

A unique Hindu Dharma Sabha (Hinduism Summit) was held successfully by the Forum for Hindu Awakening and the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti at the Marathi Vishwa
Community Hall, New Jersey, USA on 24 October 2009 (Kartik Shukla Shashthi, 5111 as per the Hindu calendar). The aim of the Summit was to foster education
about Hindu Dharma by bringing forth the unique science behind Hinduism concepts and practices, and bringing together Hindu leaders around the NJ-NY-PA
tri-state area to spread the message of Hinduism.

This historic event was inaugurated as per Hindu tradition by the blowing of the conch, recitation of auspicious verses, lighting of an oil lamp and recitation
of Vedic mantras by priests, Mr. Yogendra Bhat and Mr. Krishna Pratap Dikshit. The unique spiritual science behind these Hindu traditions was explained to the

The Dharma Sabha was attended by 75 people in person and around 60 others from countries like Australia, Serbia, UAE, etc., watched it online through a live
webcast. It was announced that the recording of this unique event would be available on the FHA website in a few days for those that could not attend.

The Hinduism Summit had the presence of many note-worthy Hindu leaders who participated actively in the Summit by sharing their views and suggestions. They
were, Mr. Narain Kataria and Mr. Arish Sahani of the Indian American Intellectuals Forum, Prof. Jayant Joshi, an author and a Hinduism proponent, Mr. Hari Ram
Prabhu the director of ISKCON, Central New Jersey, Mr. Vikas Wagh of the Marathi Vishwa Community Centre, Mr. Arvind Sant of VHP, Mr. Vipul Patel of Gayatri
Parivar, Mr. Satya Dosapati of the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Mr. Joel and Mrs. Melody Sunbear of the Surya Foundation and 4 disciples of Acharya Swami

At the Summit, the speakers were honoured with the 'Vishwa Hindu Ratna' (Hindu Gem of the world) award for their selfless and dedicated efforts for the cause
of Hinduism. There were thought provoking speeches, PowerPoint presentations and videos on the science behind Hindu practices like visiting a temple, research
on the spiritual dimension, various challenges faced by Hindus today such as denigration of Hindu Deities and genocide of Hindus. The speakers proposed
multi-pronged solutions like: introspection to squarely face the current situation, advocacy of Hinduism in academia, media and public policy, starting Hindu
seva charities, getting educated in the unique science underlying Hinduism, undertaking spiritual practice to increase one's spiritual purity and attain
blessings of Saints to overcome the obstruction by spiritually impure subtle distressing energies in understanding, living and preserving Hindu Dharma.

Dr. Babu Suseelan, the Director of Addiction Research Institute, PA and the Director of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, NY, explained in clear terms the
increasing number of issues plaguing the Hindu community and encouraged introspection by Hindus to come to terms with the current situation. Mrs. Sheetal Shah,
a full-time Director of Development & Outreach for the Hindu American Foundation, spoke about the misrepresentation of Hinduism in academia, media and public
policy, and the importance of advocacy of Hinduism with the media and government. Mrs. Anju Bhargava, member of President Obama's Council on Faith Based and
Neighborhood Partnerships and Convener of Hindu American Seva Charities, spoke on the importance of spiritual rituals and seva in Hindu Dharma. She urged Hindu
organisations and temples to start Hindu charities. Mrs. Shilpa Kudtarkar of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation shared video footage about the role, of
the basic subtle components of sattva, raja and tama, the spiritual dimension and Saints, in all aspects of life. Through this, she was able to bring to notice
the connection between the subtle dimension and establishing Hindu Dharma in society. Mr. Srinivas Shakelly of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti spoke on knowing
and peacefully protesting denigration of Hinduism concepts and symbols. He shared the phenomenal success of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in stopping various
denigrations of Hindu Dharma, and attributed it to the spiritual practice of its seekers and the blessings of Saints. The final speaker Mrs. Bhavna Shinde of
the Forum for Hindu Awakening gave examples from the Bhagavad Gita and their relevance today in preserving Hinduism. She emphasized that, to be a Hindu, is not
just striving at the gross level, but increasing our sattva (spiritual purity) component through spiritual practice, to effectively serve Dharma.

The Summit concluded with a lively question-answer session that addressed questions, such as what is being done for stopping temples' takeover by the
government in India, how to raise our children in Hinduism concepts, why do so many Hindu Saints go to the UN and preach that all religions are equal, etc. The
speakers and even audience members responded to them enthusiastically.

The Forum for Hindu Awakening and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti are considering holding such Hinduism Summits in other parts of USA, to propagate the understanding,
living and preserving of the spiritual science behind Hinduism concepts and practices. Visit and for more

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