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Word of Caution to the Kafir Hindu

MANY Hindus in their eagerness to emphasise that there is no fundamental difference between a practicing Moslem and a Hindu, often overstep certain limits without realizing an important fact. In India, it is common practice to mention that the Moslems of India (who had been crying hoarse for so many years that they belong to a different race because of their Moslem faith and so cannot live together with the Hindus) are really descendants of the same ancestors.

These Hindus good-naturedly but foolishly imply that the Moslems are as proud of their common heritage as are the Hindus of India for instance. Not knowing the make-up of the mind of a practicing Moslem, these Hindus forget the fact that in Islam, anything that had existed before the acceptance of the prophet's faith is considered the remnant of the Dark Age or 'jahiliya'.
For a converted Moslem or a Moslem whose ancestors were converted several generations ago, his ancient Hindu roots are not a subject of pride. He feels insulted when a Hindu tries to equate him with his pre-lslamic ancestors, and thereby derives some sort of a satisfaction by implying that they, the Moslem and the Hindu, are more or less of the same category in the context of the nation at large. The Hindu does not realize that the Hindu heritage of India is a shameful thing to his Moslem compatriot. It always has been and is going to be that way as long as the Koran's injunctions are obeyed by the faithful. It is practically impossible for the two communities to mix and mingle as normal people do. The Moslems keep their women away f ram other males while a Hindu, a Sikh or a Christian attends social gatherings together with their womenfolk.
You never find a 'true' non-Moslem friend for a practicing Moslem. And this is true for any country, where people of different faiths live together. The Koran's injunctions are quite clear on the subject. It forbids a Moslem to make friends with the infidels. That they belong to the same country is not so important. For a Moslem of India, a Saudi Moslem who is an alien in the common international parlance, is nearer to him than the Hindu or Christian who lives next door.

The inherent separatism preached by Islam is a point that many kafirs lose sight of and come to regret later. Barring a few exceptions, the great majority of Moslems do not consider themselves part of the national mainstream, if the country happens to be a Darul-Harb. It does not matter how many high positions are offered to the Moslems as a gesture of good will, in his mind he considers himself quite separate from the unbelievers. In a Darul-lslam like Pakistan or Bangladesh for instance, one does not see any Hindu or Christian people at high level jobs, be it in the administration, the foreign service, the army, navy or air force. Invariably, the difference in the two attitudes comes to be realized by the non-Moslems much too late to their chagrin. There was a reason for Pakistan being created and the same forces are still in operation in the rest of India as in Lebanon. There are people who compare Pakistan and Bangladesh as safe deposit accounts for the Islamics while secular India is a kind of joint account where the Moslems share the wealth of the country along with the rest of the population. Pakistan and Bangladesh of course prevent the non-Moslem population of these countries all rights of becoming citizens.
William K. Stevens of NY Times wrote recently: "When the Roman Empire was dying and much classical learning lay in ashes, and the Dark Ages were descending on the West, there flourished on the plains of northern India not only the most civilized culture of its time, but also one of the most creative in history. There, under the Gupta emperors, 1000 years before Galileo and Kepler and Newton, Indian thinkers developed a revolutionary idea without which modern science could not exist: the concept of mathematical zero, along with the related system of numerals that is called Arabic but was, in fact, invented here. By the fifth century, an Indian had discovered the Earth's axial rotation. Well before the Renaissance re-illuminated Europe, Indian mathematicians had explored the upland realms of quadratic equations and cube roots, had become the first to assign 3.1416 as the value of 'pi', and had mastered the concept of infinity. Throughout most of history, in fact, Indian science and Indian culture generally matched and at times exceeded anything anywhere else in the world".
The advent of the Moslem hordes from west Asia, and their concept of 'jahiliya' combined with the Hindus' misplaced humanitarian attitude toward the invaders greatly damaged this civilization of the kafirs. The Hindus of India should be aware of the three principal sources of danger that can come from the Islamic ideology, an ideology that does not recognize the existence of any other faith or culture on this earth.
THIS of course is the usual battle and direct confrontation with the invader. The kafir has defeated the Moslem many times but not having known the nature of his adversary, let him go after defeating him. The Moslem came back with heavier and heavier reinforcement and if the kafir lost a single battle, then that was the end of him, and often the end of his people and dynasty. The kafir's negligence in delivering proper retribution made him pay dearly. History is a residual chronicle of such incidents.
WHEN the Moslem found that the attitude of the kafir had hardened, he had recourse to subterfuge. To soften up the kafir's attitude toward Islam, a new sect, the Sufis were created. The decision to create this sect was first taken in a secret religious meeting in Baghdad in the year 1180 AD The idea was to show the kafirs the gentler side of Islam. The Sufis adopted many of the religious tenets of the kafirs such as tolerance, compassion and charity to all instead of being selective as in Islam. The Sufis did succeed considerably in the enterprise and the Hindus became the disciples of these Sufis in great numbers. In many instances, a Sufi had more Hindu followers than Moslems.
The main body of the Moslems did not accept the Sufis as their religious leaders. However, for 'other reasons' they were tolerated by the Moslem king or 'amir-ul-mominin'. In the case of the fundamentalist kings like Aurangzib, this did not work out. Aurangzib executed the renowned Sufi Sarmad during his reign. When the time for final onslaught came, the Sufis were nowhere to be found. Behold! They were on the side of the Moslem attackers who were being directed by the Sufi holy men themselves, along with the usual fire-belching mullahs that accompanied the invaders. The Sufis showed the invaders the places to loot, edifices to destroy, and any secret hiding places that the kafirs might have. This in the end, and at great sacrifice, opened the eyes of the kafirs and the influence of the Sufis among the kafirs dwindled. But by then great chunks of the kafir territory had been annexed by the Moslems.

OF ALL three, this is the most dangerous source of turmoil. There is a breed of kafir leaders who claim to represent the interests of the kafirs, but in reality they look after their own interests as well as the interests of the Moslems, letting down the kafirs every time. Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru were such leaders. India's current Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is another example. Mahatma Gandhi was born and brought up among the Moslems of Gujarat [1]. His entire education from schools in India to Law college in London was paid for by his Moslem guardian. His business in South Africa was also established at the Moslem's expense.
Gandhi was hired by a wealthy Moslem businessman in South Africa. His entire educational life was spent living among the Moslems. In London, he was part of the Anjurnane Islamiah which later developed into Muslim League. His knowledge of Hindu scriptures was superficial at best. In order to bring the Hindus and the Moslems together, Gandhi used to introduce Islamic tenets into Hindu prayers. The Moslems hardly attended his prayers and refused out of hand any such mixing of the two religions in his prayers. In one of his post-prayer speeches delivered on 6th April, 1947 (the year India was partitioned), he said: "Hindus should never be angry against the Moslems, even if the latter might make up their mind to undo even their existence. If they put all of us to the sword, we should court death bravely. We should never fear death. We are destined to be born and die; why should we feel gloomy over it? If all of us die with a smile on our lips, we shall enter a new life. We shall originate a new Hindusthan."
Gandhi supported the Khilafat movement. It must be recalled that the Khilafat (or Caliphate of the Turkish king, after the First World War) was totally unworthy of support of the progressive Moslems. Kemal Ataturk established this fact by abolition of the Khilafat. The abolition of the Khilafat was widely welcomed by enlightened Moslem opinion the world over and Kemal was the undoubted hero of all young Moslems fighting against Imperial domination. But Gandhi used to frequent the most fanatic type of Moslems and he gave his full support to this movement. The apostle of non-violence sent an invitation to the king of Afghanistan to attack India to rid the country of all kafirs. Gandhi was ignorant of the fact that the first four Caliphs were the real ones and the rest were spurious. The forcible conversion of Hindus was happening all over India at this time, and for the first time a Hindu monk carte up reconverting them back to Hinduism, a deed that was neglected by the Hindu religious leaders for many years.

The name of this monk was Swami Shraddhananda. The Moslems could not tolerate this kind of re-conversion and one day one Moslem young man, one Abdul Rashid murdered the monk. The Moslems all over the country were jubilant. One Asaf Ali came forward to defend the assassin but his guilt was established and Abdul Rashid was hanged by the British. Later, Pandit Nehru hired this Asaf Ali as India's ambassador to tile United States. Mahatma Gandhi, who had not assented to put his signature to a petition for saving the lives of great patriots like Bhagat Singh and others, because they took part in violence, and had also for the same reason called Shivaji, Rana Pratap and Guru Gobind Singh, all Hindu heroes, as 'misguided patriots', did not however, look upon Rashid's act in that light. No one had ever heard Mr Gandhi denounce the acts of bigotry of Aurangzib or Shah Jahan either.
Gandhi took the murderer Suhrawardy under his wings when Suhrawardy was sought by the young men of Bengal to avenge the gruesome murder of Haren Ghosh. Gandhi gave his full support to All Brothers who had more than once affirmed their loyalty to the doctrine of Pan-Islamism. Mahatma Gandhi's sayings in the wake of the Moplah [2] riots in Kerala are noteworthy. Moplahs had originally rebelled against the British but the British repressed them savagely. Moplahs, defeated and frustrated, now turned their wrath against the unsuspecting Hindus; for the Hindus, in their eyes were as much kafirs as the British. The Hindu who had lost himself in chanting 'Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai' (Hindus and Moslems are brothers), was attacked by the Moslem chanting 'Allahu-Akbar' (Allah is great, the battle cry against the kafirs). The number of Hindus murdered was 3000; the number of those forcibly converted, over 20,000 and property looted about Rs30 million. There was no end to molestations and abductions of Hindu women.
Dr Annie Besant stated: "They murdered and plundered abundantly, and killed or drove all Hindus who would not apostatize. Somewhere about one hundred thousand people were driven from their homes with nothing but the clothes they had on, stripped of everything...Malabar has taught us what Islamic rule still means, and we do not want to see another specimen of the Khilafat Raj in India. How sympathy with the Moplahs is felt by the Muslims outside Malabar has been proved by the defense raised by them for their fellow believers, and by Mr. Gandhi himself, who stated that they had acted as they believed that religion taught them to act. I felt that this is true; but there is no place in a civilized land for people who drive away out of the country those who refuse to apostatize from their ancestral faiths." In reference to Moplah rioters, Gandhi said: "They are a brave God-fearing people who were fighting for what they consider as religion, and in a manner which they considered religious."
Gandhi had assured all Indians at the time of partition that India could only be divided over his dead body. The gullible kafirs found him still alive and well although the country was divided and millions murdered in the process. Gandhi's Islamic upbringing, however, was clearly evident in his sexual aberrations. He used to sleep with multiple women, mostly very young, completely nude. The practice vas kept a secret for a long time but finally was found out at the Sabaramati Ashram. He gave up beating his wife Kasturba only on his arrival in India. Gandhi practiced the Islamic tenet of beating the wife on a regular basis when he was in South Africa. The upbringing of Pandit Nehru was entirely Islamic and he was proud of the fact. His name Jawaharlal Nehru was Persian and Islamic. He used to boast that he was culturally Islamic and a Hindu only by accident. He used this accidental fact over and over again as his claim to the leadership of the Hindus in his encounters with the Muslim League led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah and every time he let the Hindus down.
Once after the country was divided and an orgy of murder, arson and rape was continuing on the Pakistani side of the border and Hindu and Sikh refugees were streaming in, the Pandit declared over the radio that all refugees should forgive the Moslems for all that the Moslems had done to them and not think of revenge.
The radio broadcast was heard in all refugee camps in Delhi, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jullunder, etc. Next morning, Nehru accompanied by Indira Gandhi, his daughter went to visit one of the camps. Indira Gandhi was just behind Pandit Nehru and a very old man, an octogenarian, touched the hand of Indira Gandhi, a girl of his granddaughter's age. Nehru flared up and slapped the old man, an eminent businessman from Lahore, who was now a pauper. Instead of getting angry, the old man laughed out loud to Nehru's face and said: "You spoke over the radio last night and advised us not to be revengeful but forgiving toward the Moslems. Your daughter is like my granddaughter; you yourself are like my son in age. What did I do wrong in touching the hand of your daughter to attract your attention? You flew into a rage and slapped me! And you advised me over the radio to calm my anger? Do you know, three of my daughters were taken away by force by the Moslems from my home and I should not be angry? What gives you the right to slap me just for touching your daughter?" The Moslem-loving Pandit moved away like a dog with his tail between his legs.
The Hindus 'must' avoid choosing false leaders. Leaders who make use of their political position to advertise their own idiosyncrasies are not good leaders. Morarji Desai was one such leader who advertised his urine therapy as soon as he became India's prime minister. Until then, he had never mentioned it. One wonders what prime ministership has got to do with urine therapy? Some think that Gandhi, Nehru and Desai behaved in such shameful way in order to get recognition from the public. Aurangzib used to destroy the Hindus' houses of worship their schools and libraries with the help of his army. Nehru did the same in a much more refined way. When the Nagariunsagara Dam was completed and it was going to be filled up with water, Nehru at the advice of some of his Moslem secretaries, raised the level of water much above the level initially fixed by the engineers. This was done to drown a lot more Hindu temples than were originally estimated. He had no empathy for the ancient heritage of the Hindus having been brought up in Islamic atmosphere himself. He read about the ancient glory of the Hindu civilization in later years and used to boast of having discovered India himself in his late life. Nehru gave away an Indian enclave to Pakistan without first getting the approval of the Indian Parliament [3]. When the Pakistanis attacked India without any provocation and India sustained heavy losses, Nehru threw in Hindu and Sikh soldiers to protect the Moslem inhabitants of Kashmir from the attack of the invaders.
Eventually, the Indian army pushed back the Pakistanis and just when the Indian army was to launch a punishing attack on the Moslems, Nehru stopped the Indians and went to settle the dispute to the United Nations Assembly. Since then, the problem has lingered and Nehru succeeded in getting the Hindus in a situation that no pandit [4] worth his name should have done. Pandit Nehru's fraternizing with the Moslems was phenomenal. In fact, people used to say that in the whole of India, there was only one nationalist Moslem and that was Pandit Nehru. The implication was that the real Moslems were NOT nationalists but fundamentalists, who were Moslems first and Indians second. Indira Gandhi, the current prime minister has also more Moslem family friends than Hindus. She hates to be identified faith the Hindus on whose support she has become the prime minister. She had once declared that she would hate to have a Hindu as her husband. It is only for political reasons that of late she has started visiting Hindu temples. Her son Sanjay Gandhi (alias Sanjeev) was circumcised like a Moslem child [5].
 When the 90,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to the kafir army of India, Indira Gandhi fed these ruffians and fed and clothed them, for months, instead of trying them for having killed innocent kafirs in East Pakistan, raping their women and burning their homes, nearly three million of them. She did not bring any charge against the captured soldiers and their generals. Everyone was released and let go back to Pakistan scat free while the Hindu and Sikh soldiers that Pakistan had captured, were mostly murdered by Pakistan in the prison camps and very few were returned.
Indira Gandhi allowed Moslem infiltrators to come to India from Bangladesh and gave them citizenship papers while the bonafide Hindu refugees from Islamic Bangladesh did not receive any welcome. Her treatment of the Hindu refugees leaves much to be desired. This is in stark contrast with the treatment of Moslems who had left India at the time of partition but came back later. These turncoats were welcomed with open arms in Kashmir and elsewhere. Another Moslem gentleman, who was a family friend of the Nehrus, was one Syud Husain. He had once eloped with Indira's aunt Vijay Lakshmi Pandit, who later occupied the highest post of the United Nations. This Syud Husain was later hired by Nehru in the Indian Foreign Service and made India's ambassador to Egypt.
When he died, the government of India erected a mausoleum in his honor in Cairo. On the other hand, not even a small brick pillar has been built by the Nehru or Gandhi government of India for the three million kafirs murdered in East and West Pakistans by the Moslems of West Pakistan. Consider the case of the 50 new mosques which currently are being built in one of the holiest Hindu cities of India, Mathura. It is here that the Krishna temple was destroyed so many times by Aurangzib and Ahmed Shah Abdali. Hindus have rebuilt the temple at an adjacent place, as the old foundation could not be built upon, the Moslems having built a mosque on the old emplacement. The mosque could have been destroyed by the Hindus too as it is a Hindu city and very few Moslems live there today. But the Hindus did not do that. They left the mosque in peace and built a new Krishna temple near the old site.
The other day Rukmini Arundale met Mrs Gandhi. She had two requests to make to the P.M. She said that the government of India should assess the Saudi money entering the country to subvert Hindu culture. She also asked the PM to find out if Saudi petrodollars were financing the construction of fifty new mosques in Mathura. The PM was not even aware of these goings on and a quick inquiry revealed that it was indeed a fact that the Saudis were financing mosque building in Mathura. Now, the fact is that the mosque once built by Aurangzib remains mostly unattended in Mathura. There are not too many Moslems in this heavily populated Hindu city. What are the Moslems going to do with not one but fifty new mosques there? But from the nuisance point of view these mosques can create a lot of trouble. The Moslems are supposed to pray five times a day and thus five times fifty or two hundred and fifty times a day, the powerful microphones will blare out the Arabic chantings, creating a lot of bad blood and invading the privacy of the Hindu pilgrims. The tolerance of the kafirs is being stretched a little too far by the PM of India.
 Just to think that a kafir cannot even travel to Mecca, not to speak of building fifty or even one temple or church or synagogue there and the prime minister of India is not even aware of the serious enterprise in Mathura that is calculated to disturb the peace in a Hindu holy city! Can things become worse than that? This behavior of the current P.M. of India is due to her Islamic upbringing. A lot of harm will come to the kafirs of India from this source alone, if they are not careful. Indira Gandhi promoted a Kashmiri Moslem to the post of India's ambassador and a cabinet minister whose capabilities can well be described by his propensity to procure prostitutes in Europe at the expense of the Indian taxpayers. This Moslem gentlemen used to draw 100 Swiss francs from the entertainment account every day for a prostitute when the late N. Gopalaswamy Ayyangar went to attend the Kashmir meeting in Geneva. If only poor Indians knew how their hard-earned money was being spent by a Moslem under the patronage of Mrs Gandhi; and to think that the Koran forbids prostitution! [6].

Another source of danger comes from the priests of the kafirs. Many of them, though supposedly priests, do not know the basic fundamentals of the Hindu faith. They hale neglected the lower castes of the Hindus and often subscribed to their persecution for ages. Many of these priests are paid money to lend their services to undertake enterprises calculated too rode the Hindu society. Rama Krishna Math of Madras is one such organization. For money received from the govern-ment of India, this organization publishes and distributes the teachings of the Koran to the Hindus and other kafirs. The teachings are misleading and written up to resemble Hindu teachings. The book entitled 'thus Spake Prophet Muhammad' published by the Rama Krishna Math does NOT present the true injunctions of the Koran that refer to the kafirs.
 The book has been presented as a benign book, preaching precepts that are similar to the teachings of the Buddha, Lord Krishna and other Hindu incarnations. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that none of these Hindu kafir monks have read the Koran but glibly proclaim that Islam preaches the same kind of message that one receives from the Bible or the Tripitaka (the holy trod of the Buddhists) or the Vedas of the Hindus. Most of these monks 'pretend' to have read the Islamic holy books. In reality they are too lazy to delve into Allah's injunctions for i] they did, they would have found out that the first thing Allah wants is to decimate these priests who have placed rivals of Allah for their worship. In fact, these Hindu kafir monks are really cheating their community and misguiding the Hindu kafirs who listen to them.
The Moslems like everyone else respect the strong. The saying goes: "Mushalam manati yah sah Mushalmanah asti" which means that Moslem respects the clout or 'mushalam' and so he is called a 'mushalman'. Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi failed to be strong with the Moslems. They were incapable of planning wisely, daring boldly and achieving strenuously or of wresting victory from the jaws of defeat by desperate effort or heroic endurance. Whenever the going got tough, Nehru went to Lord Mountbatten or to the United Nations and Gandhi fasted. In spite of a few dams and steel mills which were built by the foreigners anyway like the movie "Gandhi", the fact remains that Nehru and Gandhi together have saddled India's kafirs with unnecessary problems which of course they have to solve now by themselves. The mitigating factor is the absence of these two 'holier than thou' politicians. That itself might make matters easier.
Swami Vivekananda had said: "For instance, the Mohammedan religion allows Mohammedans to kill all who are not of their religion. It is clearly stated in the Koran. "Kill the infidels if they do not become Mohammedans." They must be put to fire and sword. Now if you tell a Mohammedan that this is wrong, he will naturally ask. "How do you know that? How do you know it is not good? My book says it is." You say your book is older; there will come the Buddhist, and say, my book is much older still. Then will come the Hindu, and say, my books are the oldest of all. Therefore, referring to books will not do. "No amount of books can help us to become purer. The only power is in realization, and that lies in ourselves and comes from thinking. Let me think. A clod of earth never thinks; but it remains only a lump of earth. The glory of man is that he is a thinking being. It is the nature of man to think and therein he differs from animals.
I believe in reason, having seen enough of the evils of authority, for I was born in a country where they have gone to the extreme of authority." It is therefore extremely important for the kafirs to learn about Islam and its attitude toward them.
Any attempt to protect the life, limb, culture, and property of the kafirs should start f ram an adequate knowledge of the edicts of Islam. Thus knowledge of the Koran is very important to the kafir, not only as a source of general knowledge but also as a means for survival. There are strong indications that the Moslem countries of west Asia have laid a deep-seated plot to Islamise India before the Hindus and other non-Moslems of the subcontinent wake up to the fact. The half-lslamised current rulers of India and some misguided Hindu religious organizations are at work to help the Moslem Arabs in their sinister enterprise. The Moslem residents of India, who overnight have become champions of secularism, are like a dagger poised at the heart of the Darul-Harb, that is India. Time for action and organization has come.
[1] Some say that Gandhi's natural father was the Moslem employer of Gandhi's father. Gandhi's father used to work for a Moslem landowner and had stolen money from the cash box and had fled. He was a fugitive for three years and his wife was taken over by  the Moslem landlord and placed in his harem. Gandhi was born during this period when his father was a fugitive. There are people who assert that Gandhi's father used to come inside the harem like a thief to sleep with his wife, and he indeed was the true father but that seems to be highly unlikely. However! Gandhi had promised to his mother to be a strict vegetarian. This promise he kept all throughout his life. Otherwise he was a servant of Islam in his political dealings.
[2] Moplahs are Moslems from the Malabar area in Kerala, South India.
[3] Berubari was ceded to East Pakistan without previously asking the opinion of the residents of Berubari.
[4] Pandit; a learned man.
[5] Dark thoughts cross many minds at the uncanny likeness of Sanjay with one Mohammed Yunus, a family friend of the Nehrus. Like Yunus, Sanjay too had a hot  temper and inclination toward breaking the law. Sanjay had a clash with the British law and he changed his name from Sanjeev to Sanjay then to get out of the  law's reach. A son of Yunus (Shahriyar by name) is still serving sentence in a US prison. Sanjay had a balding pate like Yunus has. The other brother, Rajiv is of an entirely different disposition and physical appearance. Sanjay's marriage took place in the house of Mohammed Yunus and at Sanjay's death, Yunus displayed publicly his uncontrollable grief when he sobbed and wept relentlessly.
[6] The Moslem diplomatts name is Mohammed Shafi Qureshi. Qureshi is an honorable name ain Islam. #



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