Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sri Ramakrishna's Truthfullness


Sri Ramakrishna said: "If a man clings tenaciously to truth he ultimately realizes God. Without this regard for truth he gradually loses everything.

If by chance I say that I will go to the pine- grove, I must go there even if there is no further need of it, lest I lose my attachment to truth.

After my vision of the Divine Mother, I prayed to Her, taking a flower in my hand:

'Mother, here is Thy knowledge and here is Thy ignorance. Take them both and give me only pure love.

Here is Thy holiness and here is Thy unholiness. Take them both, Mother, and give me pure love.

Here is Thy good and here is Thy evil. Take them both, Mother, and give me pure love.

Here is Thy righteousness and here is Thy unrighteousness. Take them both, Mother, and give me pure love.'

I mentioned all these, but I could not say:

'Mother, here is Thy truth and here is Thy falsehood. Take them both.'

I gave up everything at Her Feet, but could not bring myself to give up truth".

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White Lotus said...

Sri Ramakrishna Soul was so pure that Master always spoke truth and explain the dharma in simple words so that even a child can also understand the way to truth

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