Saturday, July 26, 2008

Indian women team

Indian women team today withdrew from the beach volleyball championship in the four-day event being held at the elliots beach, Chennai, India, after it refused to adhere to the international volleyball federation dress code, stipulating wearing just top and garment. Indian team's withdrawal from the chennai challenger tournament later led to cancellation of the qualifying event. "The Indian players expressed reservations on wearing just a top and under garment as stipulated by the international volleyball federation," Martin Sudhakar, tournament director said. The tournament offers 6,400 US dollars (Rs. 2,88,000) for the winning team. (Based on a PTI report on July 17, 2008). IMPORTANT: The Indian women players were firm on their stand. Later in the day, they were allowed to play, wearing the dress befitting Indian ambience. Reported THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS, Chennai, on July 18: "The organizers of the tournament `softened their stand and permitted Indian women players to compete in their traditional jersey and knee-length shots, taking into consideration the social and religious sentiments,' Martin said."

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