Wednesday, October 3, 2012

RSS-Kerala news.Bharatha Parikrama Yatra in Kannur

Subject: FW: RSS-Kerala news.Bharatha Parikrama Yatra in Kannur




Seetharamji got warm welcome on Kanoor districts the strong holds of Hindu organization.


Kannur (Kerala): The area where the most hardcore communists once lives and where the Hindu organizations

 fighting to preserve the Hindu values is the same place called Thalasseri and beach side called Thalai .

This is the former union territory called Mahi. Today Seetharam Kedelai entered and gave his message of real

 Indian culture of humanity and nature perseverance.He got receptions in each and every 1 kilometre and he

 has been received with poornakumbham and aarti by the RSS vibhag Sanghchalak C.Chandrasekharan. 

More than 100 youth followed seetharamji in his Bharath parikrama Yatra.


Photo1-Seetharamji receiveswith poornakumbham.

photo 2-on the way street of Thalasseri town

photo 3-deepanjali by chandrasekharan to his house.

photo 4 Garlands Gandhi statue in Thalasseri

Photo 5 Reception on the way.

Photo 6 Chandrasekharan receives Seetharamji with aarti.

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