Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Obstructions & Injustice

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The media should  highlight the injustices of the Central govt  vis a vis Gujarat

·         The  central govt does not let Gujarat install doors on Sardar sarovar dam to preserve water , and infact much of this water gets wasted flowing into the ocean

·         CNG given to Mumbai, Delhi at lower prices, Guj buys at  Int'l prices

·         The Centre had earned over Rs. 5,500 crore from the people of Gujarat from the road tax on petrol, but had given back only Rs. 1,400 crore to Gujarat,      while it gave Andhra Pradesh Rs. 4.200 crore  & Uttar Pradesh Rs  10,000 crore

·         Crude oil royalty fixed by NDA  govt was equal for Assam & Gujarat. UPA  govt cut Gujarat's royalty. Loss of 5400 crores

·         Coastal security project: The Rs. 392-crore coastal security project had been shelved for the last seven years despite Gujarat being a sensitive coastal State,

·         Gujarat has to spend more money on buying coal from far away Bihar, when it it's cheaper to buy from Nagpur which is closer. 

·         Allocation of poor man's fuel, kerosene, the Centre imposed a 32 per cent cut on Gujarat's quota while the cut was a mere 0.66 per cent for Odisha, 0.15 per cent for Assam and 0.09 per cent for West Bengal.

·         Though Gujarat was the first State to implement solar power projects, discrimination had been shown in allocation of the Central sector power between the BJP-ruled Gujarat and the Congress-ruled Rajasthan. While Rajasthan had been allocated 878 MW of power, Gujarat had been given a share of mere 20  MW

·         Similar discriminatory tactics were also being adopted in respect of allocation & subsidy on  fertilizers and gas,  the Central assistance to the families living below the poverty line, and the Narmada dam project among other major issues facing the state.

·         Gas pipes were not allowed in Gujarat by central govt

IT and other depts harass companies investing in Gujarat

·         "Banks were asked not to lend to gujrat , also a media campaign was unleashed against  Vibrant Gujarat and when that did not work Income tax dept was unleashed on investors" – Kanchan Gupta

·         Centre was  denying the State its due share of Rs. 3,525 crore against compensation from the Central Sales Tax (levied from the people of Gujarat)

·         200 MW of electricity from Gujarat  taken away unfairly  by central govt 

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