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FW: {satyapravah} About the RSS involvement in the movement against corruption


        About the RSS involvement in the movement against corruption
By Shri Ashok Chowgule
August 26, 2011
Many communal leaders are making it look like that the involvement of
the RSS and its cadre in the movement against corruption as
'saffronising' the event. Of course, the term 'saffronising' for them
is with an intention to demonise the movement and make it look like
something that will harm the nation.
While the communal leaders are doing what would be expected of them,
this refrain has been picked up by the so-called secularists and
so-called intellectuals. Once again they have exposed themselves as
being on the same page as the communal leaders on issues.
If the RSS involvement in movements of importance to the nation is to be
seen as the movement causing harm to the nation, then one should say
that the fight against the Emergency of 1975 was also a communal affair.
It is well known that nearly 80% of those who were jailed during this
period were picked up ONLY because they were members of the RSS. While
many 'intellectuals', etc., talk with pride about their involvement in
the movement against the Emergency, they will never bring out the fact
that the foot soldiers belonged primarily to the RSS activists.
Some have acknowledged this fact, but only in passing, and that too once
or twice. Kuldip Nayar once wrote: "One day in July, at five in the
morning, there was a knock on my door. I was arrested and sent to Tihar.
The place was full of RSS workers."
Of course, these RSS workers were not there as jailers, but as jailed!
If these 'secularists' and 'intellectuals' persist on ignoring this
fact, then perhaps they should be reminded what Jayprakash Narayan had
said, namely: "I believe you have a historic role to play.... I have
great expectations from this revolutionary organisation which has taken
up the challenge of creating a new India. I have welcomed your venture
wholeheartedly. Sometimes I have offered you my advice and have even
criticised you, but that was as a friend...There is no other
organisation in the country which can match you...The RSS should think
over this: how to bring about economic transformation? How to transform
the villages? [Jayprakash Narayan, in an address to a RSS training camp
in Bihar, November 3, 1977.]
It is yet another exposure of the bankruptcy of intellectualism in India
that they are able to resort to an argument only on the basis of labels
and not logic.


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