Thursday, February 17, 2011

FW: {satyapravah} ndian Dalits find no refuge from caste in Christianity


Indian Dalits find no refuge from caste in Christianity

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Dear Friends

Hindu faith is always blamed for the caste system / tradition. But if you study world wide every faith has some or other types of divisions in their faith / traditions. There are several sects in Christianity who do not go to each other's Churches for prayers. They do not see eye to eye but there is no Media and Researcher's to bring these facts in to "OPEN". It is easy for Christians and Islamists to blame Hindu faith for Caste System. 

Several Saints and Sages have opposed the birth based caste system from before the Christian and Islam era started. One such Example to quote here is "ARYA CHANAKYA" ( VISHNU GUPTA) IN 326 BC. He chose a Shepherd's (Dhangar) boy who had qualities  and virtues of King and made him the king of Bharat. Christianity and Islam was not  in existence at that time. Later Adi Shankaracharya in 8th Century also denounced the birth based labelling of one's profession (Caste). 13th Century Dnyaneshwar was out cast by the so called intellects of the time but accepted his preachings later. In the recent past Sant Tukaram, Sant Namdev,  Sant Janabai, Sant Chokhoba, Sant Rohidas Sant Kabir and many more were revered by every one despite their so called birth based caste. Veer Savarkar's contribution can not be underestimated in removing the untouchability. 

The problem is one can preach and teach but one can not make create Intellectuals. In my Pre University Class there were 110 students only two could get admission to Profession Studies. The Professors and Lecturers teaching the students were the same, why not all 110 get admission to Professional studies?   One needs to introspect about the abilities of an individual. But it should not be forced on the birth based criteria. This is the message Hindu scriptures have given since the origins of human race.

Dr. Ambekar.

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