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Dr. Swamy book release function in New Delhi: “Hindutva And National Renaissance”,


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Subject: Dr. Swamy book release function in New Delhi

NEW DELHI:  Releasing the book, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat said Hindutva calls for striking a balance and believes in taking everyone along. Unlike other practices which consider only themselves supreme, Hindutava believes in respecting other faiths as well, he said, adding that national renaissance is based on national values and we must strengthen own country. Referring to Dr. Swamy's book, he said it should not be perceived as propaganda, but as research.
 In his book "Hindutva And National Renaissance", released here on Monday, former Union Minister Subramanian Swamy has attempted to define the term Hindutva, place it in context with the current world order and also de-stigmatise the word.
Speaking about the book, Dr. Swamy, said he was questioned by the academia about the choice of including the word "Hindutva" in the title itself. Pointing out that there is a need to create greater public awareness about the word and what it denotes, Dr. Swamy compared it to the Swastika, the symbol that became associated with its usage by Nazi Germany and therefore got stigmatised.
"It (Hindutva), like the Hitler's use of Swastika, has got a bad name, but it does not mean that we don't use it," Dr. Swamy said. Renaissance is renewal in modern form and many thinkers have spoken about renaissance and Hindutva together, he said, adding that India is still looked at for spiritual awakening and foreign nationals still throng to India or ashrams abroad for seeking peace and ways to be happy.
Dr. Swamy said Hindutva needs to be translated into various aspects and in his book he has dealt with Hindutava in context with national security, and even commerce. "Hindutva has to be protected and we need an instrument for that," he said.
Referring to the various legal battles that he has initiated, Dr. Swamy said he draws inspiration from Swami Dayanand Saraswati who encourages him to fight on. "Swamiji asked me to file a petition on the Ram Setu issue and in that faith I filed it and we managed to get a stay and the Supreme Court asked the government to find an alternative route," he said.
Speaking at the function Man. Sudarshan ji said the history of Hindus is very old and only in Hindustan people called DHARTIMATA (Motherland) other says fatherland etc.He congratulated to Dr. Swamy for release of his book ''Hindutva And National Renaissance.Sh. Ashok Singhal ji also praised Dr.Swamy for his book on Hindutva and appeal to the audience that they must read this book.Swami Dayanand Saraswati gave his blessings to Dr. Swamy.

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