Tuesday, November 25, 2008

iSpeech lets you Convert any Webpage to Audio

According to research and experiments, it is known that when bloggers have the option for readers to listen to articles rather than just reading the entire post, those readers will tend to be more focused and most probably they will absorb every single content in your article. Therefore, this will increase your reader base.

A new start-up created by Rutgers Business School graduate - Heath Ahrens, iSpeech is a free and powerful Web tool that enables users to convert any webpages into audio and embed the player into blogs, download it as a mp3 file into desktops or even upload it into your iPods.

This easy-to-use Web tool needs no download or installation and iSpeech takes care everything. iSpeech is greatly benefitial to bloggers as it provides a simple way to voice enable any blog or other content rich webpages and hence your readers will have a long attention span.

Embedding the player into your blog is simple. Go to here and punch in your webpage URL and hit enter. Copy and paste the code provided into your blog and you're done.

The main competitor of iSpeech is Odiogo but I personally feel that iSpeech is much better.

Features of iSpeech:

- Fully compatible with iPod and iTunes

- Listen to favorite Web pages with iSpeech

- Makes your blog talk in seconds

- iSpeech voices brings text to life

- Text to speech widget is fully customizable

- Creating a new revenue stream from your existing text content with minimal effort

- Customized solutions are completely scalable

Features of Odiogo:

- Automatic podcast generation

- "Near-human" quality text-to-speech

- Listen button feature deployed in next to no time for Wordpress, Blogger, etc.

- Detailed download statistics

- Make money from embedded ads

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