Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How does one maintain this interest?

How does one maintain this interest? Indeed, how does one go about learning any new project? Here are some tips for this:


The step for any student is to inculcate the right attitude. If you start with negative thoughts like, “It’s impossible”, or “I don’t have that much time”, then there’s no hope.

You would have lost the battle even before you go to war. So start with a positive mind set. Only then will the battlefield be set for your entry.


The next step is to find people who know what you want to learn. For example, if you want to know about the Indian calendar, your own grandparents or teachers are probably the best bet.

Make a few calls. Search for more information on the Internet and get the basic knowledge in place. As I’ve already said, things are far easier now to fish out additional information. But even if you have to go and meet people to clear any doubts, please take that extra step.


This is very important – revise what you have learnt till you master it. In Sanskrit, this is dealt with in Abhayaas, meaning constant repetition and practice. Then you start enjoying the whole process.

As you repeat a chore, it goes into your subconscious mind and you can recollect the information whenever required.

This is the only way we can study or adopt any new lessons. Take continue to take inspiration from the past, work in the present and attain a glorious future.